What We Do

What makes BTC different from other management consulting firms? Our unique B+C+S Formula! BTC aligns your Brand, Culture, and Strategy to solve problems at their core and not simply work on symptoms.

Our clients that implement the B+C+S Formula increase their business by 17% and their net income by 124% on average.

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BTC Goes Beyond Branding

management consulting firmAny professional brand consultant will do an expert job on uncovering the exclusive elements of your business. They will work with you to craft the optimum message and visuals that attract the proper target market. But without a Culture that creates a consistent experience or a proper Strategy to deliver that Brand message to the right audience there is no way to develop customer loyalty.

BTC not only works with you to Brand the communications for your business but also with your team to Brand the experience for all you serve. Just as important we work side-by-side with you to build and implement a Strategy that delivers consistent results.

BTC Goes Beyond Culture Building

management consulting firmThere are a number of business management consultants that do a wonderful job of creating an environment where people work together more efficiently and cordially. However, a strong Culture is of little value without a Brand that communicates what problem you solve or a Strategy to drive more of the right business to your business. All that results in is a best-kept secret with little hope for growth.

BTC works with your team to build the Culture the business needs in order to live up to the Brand experience you promise your customers, clients, or members. We also work together to implement a Strategy that will support and sustain the Brand and Culture your organization needs for growth.

BTC Goes Beyond Strategic Planning

management consulting firmThere are plenty of business consulting firms that will send a professional out to facilitate your strategic planning retreat. But many times that Strategy dies a horrible death once management tries to implement it with staff. Without taking a complete small business consulting approach your Culture will eat your Brand for breakfast, your Strategy for lunch, and there will be no dinner.

BTC involves your team before, during, and after the Strategic Planning process so that we take the opportunity to make it a Culture Building exercise as well. Plus, Brand Strategy is always a part of the plan during both creation and implementation.

When evaluating business consulting services don’t just hire a one-trick pony.

Hire a firm with the Formula to build the image you want to portray to the public, create the experience you need both for and through your employees, and drive more of the right business to your business.