The Brand Principle: How Is the Image of Your Business Portrayed?

Brand Principle Envy Beauty StudioOne of the aspects of branding I don’t talk enough about is the Brand Principle, which is simply the way you want your brand to be conveyed. The subject comes up sparingly during strategic planning sessions as everyone generally puts so much needed energy towards organization drivers such as the mission, vision, and values. In some cases I think if I said “Now let’s develop a Brand Principle” my clients would rip down the projector screen like a goal post after an upset college victory and run to the bar at 2 pm to toast “Strategic planning session over! Let the real retreat commence!!”

Fortunately, the Brand Principle often times comes in the form of a tagline that is actually lived, rather than simply being a few shallow words printed on marketing materials. I saw one of the best examples of this at Envy Beauty Studio whose tagline is “A Going Green Salon.”

As the owner, Stephanie Coronado-Stomp, explains “going green” is a continuous endeavor. There is always something else a business could be doing to be “more green.” Just when you think your business is “green” someone comes out with something that’s just a little cleaner, just a little purer, or just a little better for the environment than everything else on the market.

“A Going Green Salon” has become more than just a tagline to Envy Beauty Studio. It has become a Brand Principle. Case in point, in spite of the many “green” products they use and offer, when a company offers something better in that category Envy jumps on it. That’s one of the ways they stay true to their brand for their clients.

How does your business stay true to its brand? Maybe it needs a Brand Principle? Just make sure it’s more than just words on paper.

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