That First Thing

That First Thing in JanuaryHow we start our day on the first workday of January can help dictate how our entire year shapes up. In past years I always seemed to start slow in January after finishing a successful year. It almost seemed as though unconsciously I would think that after exceeding lofty goals from the prior year that I owed it to myself to relax a bit. While it’s important to rest and recharge, that attitude usually left me scrambling and behind by February. That feeling was anything but relaxing.

Ironically, I always seemed to hit the ground running on my business come January 2nd when it followed twelve months that weren’t quite up to my standards. I would start that first business day of the New Year already focused on that first thing I needed to do to create the proper impetus. Fortunately, later in life, I learned to kick start myself in this fashion regardless of the prior year’s result.

As important as it is to finish those last few weeks of the year in a positive fashion, it is critical to start strong — to begin creating that snowball effect of success in the coming year. For some it may be to deepen relationships with their top ten clients. As some social media experts say, retention is the new acquisition. For others it may be to finally get your business on additional social media platforms or add a marketing tactic to the mix. Then there are some that just decide to approach their business differently in the New Year.

My favorite quote is Einstein’s definition of insanity: Doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Whether this year was a success or could have been a bit better, what is that first thing you are going to execute or implement next year? Regardless if it’s something different to create superior results to the prior year or if it is a process you have used to begin past years that has led to achievement and accomplishment, we would like to hear from you.

What is your first thing for January?

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