Strategic Planning

BTC Brand Strategy

Many strategic planning facilitators focus on the numbers, whether it’s ratios, key performance indicators, or the entire income statement and balance sheet. By lunch time during the first day of the strategic planning retreat all the attendees feel like they just sat through an accounting seminar.

BTC agrees with the fact that any business owner or executive needs to know their numbers. But during the planning session, we are more interested in creating the understanding in what is driving the numbers which include brand strategy, the morale level of the corporate culture, and a myriad of outside factors. Whether our numbers are where we want them or they could be better, we need to dig deeper to find out the cause.

Those causes come down to key questions such as:

  • Are we truly establishing a differentiating and engaging brand that is contributing to increasing sales?
  • Is our culture providing a positive experience for our employees that transfers into the proper brand experience for our customers?
  • Has our strategy truly been implemented and executed by our team or are they just words on paper that collect dust in a binder for 365 days in the year?

Through pre-game procedures with management and game day exercises that get attendees talking and having fun, BTC guides your group to real consensus by the end of the planning retreat. Post-game we offer critical thinking tools to better ensure implementation of your strategy including the Strategic Map, Org-Chart Goal Setting, and even strategy alignment sessions with your staff.

Whether it’s a one day program or a multi-day or week process, BTC will guide you every step of the way to a strategy that will take your business to the next stage of growth. We’ll even have a few laughs along the way.

To discuss having BTC facilitate your next strategic planning session contact us or call: 714-681-2821