Professional Speaker

As a trained professional speaker, Ken Bator provides a variety of presentations on topics related to branding, culture building, and strategy. He has served as a guest speaker for dozens of events since 2001. His message and business principles resonate with corporate and small-business groups alike.

Our Unique Approach

Ken’s approach and sessions are unique in that he doesn’t simply hit the surface on topics. He takes a deeper dive with his audience. Today’s businesses that deal with symptoms and quick fixes won’t last. Those that get to the core of their problems truly enact positive change for their employees and customers alike.

For instance, it’s not as easy as adding another marketing campaign or tactic and hoping our sales numbers increase. It’s about understanding our current brand messaging and how it is being received by our audience.

It’s not about simply getting rid of the “bad apples” among our staff. It’s about understanding at what level are we engaging all of our employees and if we are truly accessing all of the collective talent within our entire team.

It’s not about having pretty graphs and perfect grammar within our written plan. It’s about evaluating how well we implemented and executed our strategy, as well as the results attained, whether it came out of a 175 page binder or the back of a stained napkin.

That’s the deeper dive Ken takes with his audience whether it’s a keynote address, a breakout session, or an interactive exercise during your conference or event. Ken also explains the interconnective nature of the Brand, Culture, and Strategy alignment in order to create understanding of how work in one area of the B+C+S Formula effects another area.

Take a look at the presentation topics we cover.

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If you need to add a topic during your event under the umbrellas of Branding, Culture Building, or Business Strategy, odds are Ken can not only offer but has already done it.

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