When a Small Action Becomes a Big Plus

Loyalty The Den SalonMany times it’s the small things a business does that go a long way in building customer and brand loyalty. Case in point, those of you who have seen my pictures or videos know that I don’t have a very complex hair style. (Of course I would actually need to have a bit more hair in order to have an actual style.) When I don’t feel like shaving my head myself, I go to The Den Salon in Long Beach, CA because they live their brand and culture of creating a “club” environment.

I always have a great experience when I go there. A while back they went way beyond meeting expectations with customer service. There was quite a bit of construction around their business and they took the time to call everyone with an appointment that day to instruct them on the best entrance to use.

They could have easily skipped that step and just apologized for the inconvenience when customers walked in, especially since the construction had nothing to do with their business. However, that wouldn’t have been “The Den Salon” way. I was particularly pleased as I would have tried to use the entrance that was blocked if I had not known beforehand. Thanks guys and nice job.

While this may just seem like a nicety, these are the types of actions that make deposits into the emotional bank accounts of your customers. That little extra builds brand loyalty.

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