Send a Thank You to Enhance Your Brand

Send a Thank YouWith one of my favorite holidays coming up, Thanksgiving, I’m reminded of a great tip I received from a business partner many years ago. The year I started BTC I received a Happy Thanksgiving card from the marketing firm I used. When I received it I called the CEO who had handwritten a message on the card and told her how much I appreciated the thought.

She mentioned that her firm sends out Thanksgiving cards in November to clients every year rather than holiday cards. Her logic was that most businesses send cards in mid-December and, as nice as the sentiment is, they tend to get lost in the shuffle. She wanted her firm to stand out while also sincerely honoring the holiday by giving thanks to all of her clients.

What a great idea I thought. I can remember every year receiving a number of holiday cards from vendors and having them all displayed on my desk. While I appreciated every one of them, after a while they all eventually got lost in the clutter. The Thanksgiving card I received from this marketing firm still stands out in my mind over 15 years later not only because it was different but also because it was the first card I received during that holiday season.

We are all looking for ways to make our brand stand out from the noise and clutter of the marketing world. A sincere note of appreciation around Thanksgiving may be that little extra that makes your brand stand out among your clients, customers, or members. While it may be a little late at this point to toss cards in the mail and have them arrive on time, it’s never too late to send an e-mail with a sincere Thanksgiving message.

With that, I thank all of you for reading and responding to my articles. If there is anything I can do to make these pieces more entertaining, interesting, or educational for you please let me know. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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