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Provide a Unique EXPERIENCE and Not Just a Meal or a Service with the B+C+S Formula

Our clients that implement the B+C+S Formula increase their income by 124% and grow their business by 17% on average. Hear from one of Bator Training & Consulting’s (BTC) management consulting clients in the Restaurant and Hospitality industry:

It’s not just about serving great food. It’s not just about providing the latest craft beer or a specialty cocktail. It’s not even about plain old-fashioned good service anymore. Consumers are expecting a great overall experience.

For example, when it comes to restaurants most people will return to an establishment that provides them with a wonderful experience but average food. How can an experience be great with a meal that is just passable? The seats are comfortable, the service is highly attentive, the music is at the right audio level, the televisions are in the right places, the entertainment is superb, etc.

Even if a restaurant offers some of the best food in the city but everything else is amiss customers won’t return. There’s just too much competition and consumers are simply to busy to even deal with a borderline meets-expectations experience.

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Alex Natichionni, who has founded and manages two successful businesses, learned that it’s not just about the product or service from the B+C+S Formula. As Alex mentions in the video, “It’s amazing how the attention to detail and the brand and the culture really plays a part in everything we do.”

The restaurant and hospitality industry historically has a high failure rate for startups.

Business Insider referenced a study by Ohio State University stating that 60% don’t make it past the first year and 80% don’t make it past five years. While some argue that those numbers are too high, startup restaurant and bars still have a higher failure rate than most, if not all, other businesses.

Meanwhile Alex Natichionni’s Wine Bar is close to celebrating its 10-year anniversary. And they are located in the highly competitive Los Angeles County market. That is the type of longevity, niche, and success that the applying the B+C+S Formula provides.


Would you like to celebrate your 10, 25, or even 50 year anniversary with your unique business in the restaurant and hospitality industry? Or would you like to be another statistic in the next failure-rate study?

If you answered the former, as Alex did, BTC would like to work with you.

Contact us today and find out why our clients that implement the B+C+S Formula increase their income by 124% and grow their business by 17% on average and how we can do the same for you.