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Orange County Speaker As a popular Orange County Speaker Ken Bator has led several speaking sessions in California and beyond. With access to multiple Southern California airports, he is usually just a flight away from providing a unique experience of engagement with your audience.

The following are Ken’s most popular presentation topics and all sessions can be customized to the audience and theme for your event:

Branding the Experience

Great organizations don’t just brand their marketing materials. They “Brand the Experience” for their customers. Based upon Ken’s YouTube show of the same title, this program teaches how to create a unique experience and brand strategy for employees and customers alike.

During this program your audience will learn the following:

  • What actually is branding.
  • Why every position in the org-chart is part of the branding department.
  • The critical combination of drivers and conveyors that create the desired brand image.
  • How to create a strong brand by beginning with the necessary internal steps, i.e. how to get every employee excited about becoming a brand ambassador.
  • How to drive more of the right business to your business.
  • The rules of maintaining and building a strong brand.
  • How to brand your organization through multiple tools and tactics.
  • Examples of organizations that do “Brand the Experience.”
  • Ideas you can implement in your business immediately.

Creating a Cool Culture Corner

Engage Your Team for Better Productivity, Better Profits, and Growth. Based upon Ken’s podcast by the same title, this program teaches how to take employee engagement to the next level and truly make a human connection with your entire team.

During this program your audience will learn the following:

  • Embracing the “New Normal.”
  • Leading by teaching.
  • Allowing employees to find their role and their voice within the culture.
  • Helping staff to understand how they contribute to the growth of the brand.
  • How each and every employee contributes to the execution of the strategy.
  • Finding the time and the way to mentor.
  • Employee engagement ideas that can be implemented immediately.

Better Business Strategy

The key to an effective strategic plan is not simply what we put on paper but knowing what we are actually going to get done. Based upon Ken’s 2016 blog series – 52 Weeks of Better Business Strategy, this program teaches how to create, implement, and execute your business strategy based on tips from successful entrepreneurs and executives.

During this program your audience will learn the following:

  • Establishing and understanding organization drivers.
  • Aligning mission, vision, and values with goals – going beyond the numbers.
  • Creating the necessary focus of initiatives.
  • Developing the SWOT and market analyses with an understanding of what problem your business solves.
  • Implementing an “org-chart” goal setting structure that creates alignment and execution.
  • Executing the plan through communication and empowerment.
  • Strategic implementation ideas you can use immediately.

Navigating Through Generational Generalities

Discovering positive ways to connect with employees and customers regardless of the differences among Generations X, Y, and Z as well as Baby Boomers. Based upon Ken’s experience in management consulting and a number of studies, this program teaches how to enhance your current corporate culture by making true connections despite the many generational generalities and stereotypes that may skew our perceptions.

During this program your audience will learn the following:

  • How to make meaningful connections in today’s “wired” world.
  • How to help others turn knowledge into wisdom.
  • The differences among the generations and how that understanding can lead to engagement.
  • Understanding how and when to use the knowledge of “generational generalities” in branding, culture building, and strategy.
  • The tools to use to improve employee engagement despite the changes in today’s work environment.
  • Tips to improve connections with those that matter.

Shared Accountability Through Service Standards

Consistency is the core tenet of every brand. The creation and adherence to service standards is critical to establishing that consistency. Based upon Ken’s #1 tip for businesses to improve their brand, culture, and strategy, this program teaches how to create service standards in a way that achieves instant buy-in from your staff.

During this program your audience will learn the following:

  • Why Service Standards may be the most important component to the Organization Drivers of your business.
  • How to utilize Core Values to create Service Standards for every position on the organization chart.
  • How to create Service Standards that align with the brand and culture of your unique business.
  • When and how to reinforce Service Standards with your staff to increase accountability.
  • How to use Service Standards as a management and coaching tool.
  • How to start creating Service Standards immediately.

Discover How B+C+S = The Formula for Business Success

Creating an environment where employees actually want to come to work and customers want to keep coming back. Based upon Ken’s latest business book – The Formula for Business Success = B+C+S, this program teaches how to achieve alignment among your brand, culture, and strategy in order to increase profits and grow your business.

During this program your audience will learn the following:

  • The 3 simple steps to properly Brand your business by sharing your unique story…Hint: You already have one!
  • How to create a positive experience for your employees so they can create one for your prospects to keep them coming back again and again.
  • Why “The Circle” is the answer to creating a positive Culture.
  • How to flood your business with the right type of customers.
  • The simple formula that keeps you and your staff laser focused on creating success.
  • How to create alignment in your Brand and Culture with your Strategy.

The Employees-First Approach

According to a recent Dale Carnegie study 75% are disengaged from their employers. Odds are your organization is one of those employers unless management is actively mentoring staff every single day. A tough task especially today given time challenges and economic conditions forcing very narrow and stressed organizational charts. Based upon one of Ken’s most popular articles and his experience in hospitality consulting, this program teaches that a proactive and positive culture is possible.

During this program your audience will learn the following:

  • Building an “employees-first” culture.
    How to get everyone involved.
  • Speaking the language of engagement, not management.
  • Looking past the stereotype of Generations X, Y, and Z when mentoring.
  • Marketing internally first.
  • Turning employees into brand ambassadors.

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