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Bring REAL Health & Wellness to Your Health & Wellness Business with the B+C+S Formula

Our clients that implement the B+C+S Formula increase their income by 124% and grow their business by 17% on average. Hear from one of Bator Training & Consulting’s (BTC) management consulting clients in the Health & Wellness industry:

As BTC founder, Ken Bator, wrote on multiple occasions “Yes, B+C+S Applies to You Too!” When we think that the massage, the hair styling, the personal training, or the procedure is the core of the business we run into problems. The service you offer is, of course, an important part of your brand, culture, and strategy but it’s far from the only component. Vanessa Franco, Owner of The Hidden Gem, as seen in the video learned how to apply her unique B+C+S Formula to her business where her therapeutic massage services are just one aspect of an exceeds-expectations experience for her guests.

And for those health & wellness professionals with all those impressive credentials such as doctors, dentists, chiropractors, etc, there is plenty of competition with the same or even better credentials out there. Unless your business is the only game in town in some obscure municipality with a population of 2,000 or less, the right B+C+S Formula is necessary for your office to truly thrive.
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Case in point, during his sessions Ken often talks about how after he moved to California from Chicago he went through five different dentists in less than a decade. He fired the first four because the experience was varying levels of poor. There was no problem finding a new dentist in Los Angeles or Orange County since there were plenty of qualified options. Ken was even prepared to fire a fifth but fortunately he found a dentist that runs his office like a business and offers a pleasant overall experience to his patients.

Even that fifth California dentist, although good, doesn’t compare to Ken’s dentist of over eight years in Naperville, IL. In his book, The Formula for Business Success = B+C+S, he uses Dr. Caputo as a positive example of what Branding the Experience looks and feels like in a dental office.


Whether you are a licensed massage therapist, a personal trainer, a chiropractor, a counselor, or even a dentist or another professional you have to ask yourself a very important question:

Are you a provider of a professional service that happens to be in business or do you run a business that offers a unique package of professional services that solves a specific problem for a particular niche?

If you answered the latter, as Vanessa Franco of the Hidden Gem did, BTC would like to work with you.

Contact us today and find out why our clients that implement the B+C+S Formula increase their income by 124% and grow their business by 17% on average and how we can do the same for you.