The Formula for Success = B+C+S

The Formula for Success = B+C+S

Why do some organizations seem to last for decades, even in the worst economies, while others fade into the abyss in a few years or even months? Do they have a special formula? That may be true since successful companies understand the critical nature of aligning their brand, culture, and strategy, in other words: B+C+S

Case in point, Starbucks has been around for more than 40 years. This is a company that spread like wildfire in its early stages with practically no traditional marketing. How did they do it?

First, visionary Howard Schultz began with the brand — the idea of creating that “third place” of social activity after home and work. Schultz had the vision of making the coffee house an extension of your front porch.

Second, they created a culture and experience that gave Starbucks’ customers the atmosphere to feel that their coffee shop was a center for social activity. It’s not just the coffee but the service, the chairs, the music, and the ambiance that brings the brand to life.

Third, they created a strategy to passionately and consistently live this brand and culture every day in every store. More important, the leadership of Starbucks continues to enhance that strategy and fanatically reinforce the standards that give customers the same Starbucks experience regardless of which store they patronize.

Does your business offer that type of consistent experience? Are your organization’s brand, culture, and strategy in complete alignment? Odds are you already knew the answer to both questions before they were asked.

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