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Keep Customers Coming Back for a Great Experience, and Not Just Great Rates, with the B+C+S Formula

Our clients that implement the B+C+S Formula increase their income by 124% and grow their business by 17% on average. Hear from one of Bator Training & Consulting’s (BTC) management consulting clients in the Financial Services industry:

As one of Ken Bator’s early mentors in banking once told him, “We all offer the same stuff!” Actually that is a bit of a paraphrase but you get the picture. The fact is that when it comes to financial products in very few instances are there any features that are head and shoulders above what any other institution offers. A checking account is a checking account. An insurance policy is an insurance policy. A loan is a loan. Sure there may be a slight nuance here or there but it’s still “All the same stuff.”

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Provide a Clear Sustainable Advantage

What can not only be different but also a clear sustainable advantage is the brand experience your financial institution provides through your culture. Scott Arney, CEO of Chicago Patrolmen’s FCU, understands that. As Scott mentions in the video, the uniqueness is in who you serve and not just what you offer. That is what the B+C+S Formula teaches. When consumers feel like the experience you provide was as if it was meant just for them personally.


As one of BTC’s first clients nearly 15 years ago, Service Standards were created with the employees of CPFCU to lay a foundation for a new and unique culture to serve the Chicago Police Officers. These standards are still in use today. Thus, creating a strong foundation for their culture – the “C” in the B+C+S Formula for well over a decade.

Years later, CPFCU created a subsidiary known as the National Police Credit Union to serve law enforcement across the country. Through the B+C+S Formula the concept of We Mean Police Business was born. This serves as the foundation not only through marketing but also the experience every one of their members receives.

BTC has had the pleasure to work with Chicago Patrolmen’s FCU on multiple projects through the years. Today the institution is the largest credit union in the city of Chicago and one of the ten credit unions of 53 that serve law enforcement exclusively to show a gain in assets, loans, members, and income over a 15-year period.

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