There are plenty of small business consultants out there. Most of them are good and provide value to their clients. However, most of them also like to stamp a system they learned a decade ago that once worked or a process from another business with a completely different culture and hope it works for your organization.

From the very beginning when BTC was created in 2001, Ken Bator prided himself on a “meeting-of-the–minds” approach. Even with our first service offering of cross-sales training to frontline staff Ken was never fond of the ubiquitous “sales culture” term. Back then, as it does today, it seemed asinine to teach a one-size-fits-all program without taking into account the different personalities and strengths of the team.

small business consultant

Every culture is different because every business is comprised of unique individuals. That’s why every strategy is a people strategy. At BTC the employees of our clients are part of the process and they are engaged to create systems with our facilitation. This creates instant buy-in as the finale product is of their creation and not just yet another directive shoved onto them from the top.

Every consulting engagement is different in that BTC will work alongside the client to tackle the largest issues and overcome the biggest obstacles first when it comes to fully aligning the Brand, Culture, and Strategy of a business. While there are a number of services, tools, and exercises we pull out of our bag of tricks to allow our clients to increase productivity, increase profits, and grow their businesses, here is a sampling of what we do with those we serve:


Small Business Consultants

  • Creation of a marketing plan
  • Creation of a marketing calendar
  • Development of brand drivers
  • Determination of target markets
  • Development of appropriate marketing mix
  • Development of brand messaging including copywriting
  • Development or review of branded materials and digital marketing

Culture Building

Small Business Consultants

  • Compilation of a B+C+S Audit
  • Training on the unique B+C+S Formula of the business for all staff
  • Customized training on implementation and execution of strategy
  • Creation of Service Standards with staff
  • DiSC and other Profile Assessments for all staff
  • Training on using DiSC and/or other Profile Assessments as a culture building and mentoring tool
  • One-on-one meetings with staff to mentor on the unique B+C+S Formula of the business

Strategic Planning

Small Business Consultants

  • Facilitation of strategic planning retreats
  • Compilation of a written strategic plan
  • Development of organization drivers
  • Development of goals and initiatives
  • Org-chart goal setting with all staff
  • Creation of a Strategic Map
  • Strategic evaluation and implementation with management
  • Sessions with board of directors as requested 

Contact BTC today at 714-681-2821 to begin experiencing our “meeting-of-the-minds” approach and put your business on a path to greater productivity, more profits, and growth.