Bring ’em In and Keep Them Coming Back

keep them coming back new customersIt can be costly to drive new customers to your door. That’s why it’s imperative to leverage that first visit in order to turn that new customer into a profitable repeat customer. Here’s a three-step broad overview on how to do just that:

  1. Determine the marketing mix you can afford and consistently deliver a cohesive branded message. It may be flyers. It may be direct mail. It may be social media. It may be a combination of those and more. Whatever marketing mix you choose determine and stick to a frequency and tone.
  2. Make sure you and your staff deliver at minimum a meets-expectations experience. You render your marketing worthless if you drive new customers in for a bad experience. It doesn’t matter how great the coupon or discount is. If the product or the service sucks they’re not coming back. You also kill the most important piece of your marketing mix — word of mouth.
  3. Give them an incentive to come back. One visit, even if it is a great experience, isn’t enough to build brand loyalty. Consistency does. If you can get them to come back a few more times through a loyalty program or coupon and they consistently have a meets or exceeds expectations experience you build a loyal customer base.

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