Business BooksA professor once said that a consultant without a book is basically like a doctor committing malpractice. While that may be harsh, the act of writing his business books certainly made Ken Bator a better management consultant.

“I wrote these books for me just as much for my readers and my clients,” Ken always says. “All writing for me, especially the process of putting together The Formula for Business Success = B+C+S, categorized all of the work I had done and clarified the approach I needed to take, at least initially, with each future client of Bator Training & Consulting.

Ken’s signature book, The Formula for Business Success = B+C+S, details how companies that have created, and continually offer, exceptional experiences for their customers understand that it takes the complete alignment of the Brand, Culture, and Strategy. Some apply these success principles consciously while others do it instinctually. Through business success stories, some clever analogies, and a few tales about situations that didn’t go that well, The Formula for Business Success = B+C+S provides the framework to build a great organization.

Ken’s e-book, When Your Formula Doesn’t Add Up, is the perfect introduction for those that want to understand the B+C+S Formula and a seamless supplement for those who have already read The Formula for Business Success = B+C+S. This quick read provides tips that can be implemented to help a business when they find that one or more of the elements of the formula aren’t in alignment.

The Strategic Planning Workbook and Guide For Financial InstitutionsThe first book Ken wrote and published was The Strategic Planning Workbook and Guide for Financial Institutions. Given his extensive work in strategic planning and the facilitation of planning retreats with banks, credit unions, real-estate firms, financial advisors, and other businesses in the financial industry, there were repeated request for a template. While Ken would always provide one to his clients when it was appropriate, he eventually came to the realization that some people just needed a little bit of help, a kick-start if you will. So BTC’s Strategic Planning Workbook and Guide for Financial Institutions was designed to assist executives during and immediately after their strategic planning sessions.

Pocket Guide to Strategic PlanningShortly thereafter, Ken realized that business owners needed a similar tool with just a few tweaks. Thus, The Pocket Guide to Strategic Planning: The 90-Day Quick Fix for the Business Owner or Manager was published.

BTC’s Pocket Guide to Strategic Planning is designed to assist small business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, and executives through the strategic planning process. It is specifically focused on providing business professionals with a kick start to planning.

The trio of one of the planning guides, The Formula for Business Success = B+C+S, and When Your Formula Doesn’t Add Up, is a terrific start to creating your unique B+C+S Formula. And for those that want to take the services of BTC for a test drive, sign up to have a B+C+S Audit done for your business and receive the “trio” for free!

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