B+C+S Snapshot

There are plenty of expert brand consultants out there. The best ones will challenge their clients to truly dig deep and understand key differentiators or who their business is at their core. Many firms will use some type of brand audit or tool to understand the alignment, or lack thereof, of all branded materials.

But even the best firms and brand audits won’t uncover major obstacles to the success of your business that have little to do with marketing. If the overall business strategy isn’t setup to support the brand promise the image will fall flat. Just as important, if the culture isn’t aligned with the brand and the messaging that will be driving prospects to the business all that firm is doing is sending new people to an old and awful experience.

The BTC Advantage

That’s why at BTC we analyze not only the Brand but also the Culture and Strategy with a B+C+S Snapshot (formerly known as the B+C+S Audit). We uncover issues that can derail a quality brand. We also provide guidance and training to make sure your team is ready to provide nothing less than the best brand experience for your clients, customers, or members. BTC also will conduct strategic planning activities with the B+C+S Snapshot as the foundation in order to create full alignment with your operations.

The B+C+S Snapshot not only includes a detailed report but also, and newly added, a two-hour video meeting to review the findings and next steps with Ken Bator. This two-hour session can be seperated into two one-hour sessions if need be and can include your entire management team. Best of all, this is not a sales pitch where the focus on selling you additional services. Ken makes specific suggestions that you can implement immediately to improve your Brand image, the morale within your workplace Culture, and the execution of your business Strategy.

That’s what makes the B+C+S Snapshot one of the best starting points when working with BTC. It also is a valuable standalone service for those businesses going into a strategic planning retreat or determining their next steps through the stages of growth. But don’t take how valuable this service is from us. Take it from our valued clients:

small business consultant

“The B+C+S Audit worked out great for us. BTC provided us with a report that covered all of the key elements of our Brand, Culture, and Strategy. It was a pleasure reviewing and discussing our completed report with Ken. We used his report as a tool for our strategic plan. I highly recommend the B+C+S Audit Service.” – Lucy Sloan, CEO of United Catholics FCU

“I was really pleased with the entire process. It’s always of value to receive validation on the things you are doing right!” – Christy Leslie, President of Bridge Credit Union

Isn’t it time to have your B+C+S Snapshot done for your unique business? Contact BTC today at 714-681-2821 to schedule one!