B+C+S Private Client

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Clients that work alongside BTC to actively implement the B+C+S Formula increase their net income by 17% and their business by 124% on average. Just as important it’s an enjoyable process for everyone – management, employees, owners, board members, business partners, and even interns! That’s why our private clients have all renewed a retainer agreement for multiple years since the creation of the B+C+S Formula our small business consulting firm.

Our Unique Approach

The BTC approach isn’t a one-size-fits-all program. Don’t get us wrong we love processes and systems. We create a bunch of them that lead to efficiencies and allow teams to be more effective. But we create them with the team rather than stamping the latest sales system or operations process on your staff and hoping they actually buy into the program as many other small business consulting firms do.

That’s what makes each B+C+S Formula for each client unique. BTC enhances your unique brand, builds your unique culture, and creates your unique strategy from what is already in you and your team rather than providing a quick fix and then heading out of town.

Growth of Your Business

When your business becomes one of our private clients it’s much like adding another valuable executive to your management suite…one that you don’t have to pay benefits or other perks to! One of the best compliments BTC receives is when a CEO or owner tells their employees that we are an important part of the future growth of the business.

BTC always takes only a portion of the credit as it’s those very employees that make implementation and the sustainability of growth possible. That’s why every strategy is always a people strategy on some level.

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